Why not join the "CT Business Directory" Web Ring? Its"FREE" and you've got nothing to lose, except maybe a few "HITS"! 

The CTBD Web Ring is a gathering of websites that have a common purpose...to showcase the businesses in the Connecticut area. 

If you have a website that qualifies and you would like to join the ring, continue reading and follow the instructions below.

If you do not have a web site for your Connecticut based business and would like to get your business on the Web, e-mail us, we can help!

CTBD Web Ring Qualifications:

This Web Ring is open for membership as "free advertising" for all Connecticut businesses. All Connecticut Based business web sites are welcome to join the Connecticut Business Directory Web Ring. All sites submitted must be rated "Safe for Kids". We reserve the right to refuse membership to any sites not meeting the "kids' safe" criteria. (Please Note: This includes "links" from your site to other sites.) If you find a link on the ring which you feel may be inappropriate for young web surfers, please contact us so that we may check that site for content. 

What is a Web Ring?

Web Rings are simply pages on the internet that are linked together by a common code inserted on each site's page. If you follow the links long enough, they will form a circle and bring you back to where you started.

How can I sign up my web site?

First, add your site to the queue by completing the form below. After you submit the form, you will be given a small block of customized html code to add to the home page of your site. We'll give you seven days to get the code onto your home page and once we have verified that it is working correctly, you will be notified by email that your site has been activated into the CTBD ring. That's it! 

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Please feel free to e-mail us at as soon as you have added and checked the "html code" on your site. 

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